How to Use

This post is for new users.

Why Chose Framy Checker?

(Some nonsense LOL)FramyChecker is an efficient, non-skipping,easy-using alt checker, currently supports Microsoft accounts, and detects Minecraft and hypixel data and bans in the account, and can automatically classify various account types, greatly saving users’ time, reducing the difficulty of operation. Microsoft,Minecraft,Hypixel,Optifine,mail-access,one-stop done!

Begin to Use:

  1. Register and contact developers to buy.
  2. Download “Updater.exe” from Discord.
  3. Copy your HWID and add it to your >>profile<<.
  4. Login to Framy Checker.
  5. Edit configs in “Settings” page
  6. Load combos(email:pass).
  7. Load some valid proxies.
  8. Start and enjoy hits!



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