Version History

Framy Checker 0.31
Deleted version

Framy Checker 0.30

  • Pick up the previous Shishan code and greatly optimize the speed and resource occupation of the test card
  • Added test card interface, data at a glance
  • Modified the configuration file structure to make it easier to edit
  • Beautify the appearance and optimize the user experience free proxies have been updated and will be updated frequently in the future

Framy Checker 0.21

  • Fixed the bug that the output and file format were confusing when there were many threads
  • Fix some minor issues with the login page
  • Fix the bug that 2FA cannot be detected and mistakenly treats 2FA for bad
  • and so on

Framy Checker 0.20

  • The login interface has been added GUI, which is more beautiful and easy to use, and can also reduce the login time
  • Fix the “crash bug as soon as the configuration file is modified”, which is more stable
  • Encrypt the data transmitted over the network, which is more secure
    4.and so on

Framy Checker 0.11
The second release which includes lots of shit…

Framy Checker 0.10
The first release which includes lots of shit…


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